Canadian Minimalism

Snugly positioned next to the States, it’s understandably difficult for humble ol’ Canada to stand out with its fashion. USA has numerous fashion states (think New York, L.A. and Texas). Canada has Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal but even so, these countries don’t exactly come to mind when the term “fashion city” comes up.

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Get it Beauty

There must be something magical about Korean air, water or some magical element altogether that makes them have such flawless, glowy skin?

Reality check: I know they put a lot of effort into their skincare, taking care to double cleanse, never to tug on their skin, to drink water, special massaging techniques and whatnot. I try but for the love of god, the humidity and heat in Singapore makes it near impossible to have Korean-level skin. I do try though, just for the record.

I stumbled upon this YouTube channel called insitetv, it’s a korean wonderland of whatever. Food, beauty, fashion. For example, they’ve got recipe videos nestled alongside styling videos like this video series from Korean fashion icon Kim Na Young! It also has beauty and skincare videos like this makeup series and this gem that I want to share called Get It Beauty.

Get It Beauty is actually a Korean beauty show that airs on their cable TV, but unlike the Taiwanese versions, it places greater emphasis on sharing tips and know-how; the Taiwanese shows seem more concerned with revealing no-makeup faces of women to show how much makeup they slather on.

This Youtube channel only shows a particular section of the show called Talking Mirror. It’s where celebrities and other cool people sit in front of a mirror that, yes, really talks. The mirror asks them questions about how they upkeep their healthy skin. It also asks them to show their normal skincare or makeup routine. I love it because it’s extremely visual, which is great news for me since I’m a makeup rookie and I need slow, basic stuff. Korean makeup tends to be just that: simple and easy to do.

Peruse through the channel and good luck, you’ll spend nights in front of the laptop, transfixed on the videos hehe. Also, it’s a totally legitimate channel so there’s no fear about the videos getting taken down.

Here are my favourite Talking Mirror videos because they focus on a detailed skincare regimen and a classically simple makeup routine:


[Get it beauty-Talking mirror] Actress Park Eun-hye [겟잇뷰티 토킹미러] 박은혜편


[Get it beauty-Talking mirror] Rapper cheetah [겟잇뷰티 토킹미러] 치타


[Get it beauty-Talking mirror] Actress Jo yeo jung [겟잇뷰티 토킹미러] 조여정편


[Get it beauty-Talking mirror] Model Lee Hyun-yi [겟잇뷰티 토킹미러] 모델 이현이편


Have fun, and if you need a guide here are other series that you should look at:

1. Get It Beauty Palette

2.10 x Sweetem

3. Beauty Vlog

4. Choi Sora’s New York Fashion Life

5. Kim Nayoung’s 10,000 Like


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Mandal Monday

Mandals. MAN-DALS. MAN SANDALS. Whatever you call them, these babies are the wunderkind of the shoe industry in my humble and comfort-oriented opinion. They’re comfortable, versatile and pretty. Okay, it might not be pretty to everyone but it’s a subjective opinion and I think it’s pretty so that’s that I guess.

I was delighted enough when normcore and atheleisure blasted onto the scene, guns ablazing. Imagine my ecstasy when Birkenstocks and ugly shoes were trendy again.

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Music Mish Mash

We’re reaching the peak of summer, and I’ve been getting bored with the summer songs released at the start of summer (which feels a world away rn?!). Anyhow, my summer playlist combines fab new summery tracks with some older songs and some songs that are downright prehistoric. Case in point, Bryan Adams the forever heart throb.

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Dress Me Down

In my quest to take a more active role in my future, I decided to take a summer job, of sorts. Nothing too heavy, just a work-from-home kind of job that allows me to write and learn more about publishing, writing and marketing in general. Serious adult stuff magazine or PR internships can wait till next summer. Baby steps, I tell myself.

I’m really proud to see my article published in the public blogosphere; it’s with the online site I’m working for called dressmedown. Check it out here. I wrote an article about summer wear and while I acknowledge it’s not Vogue material, it’s a stepping stone and learning platform for a future Vogue-worthy piece. Check it out by clicking HERE.


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