Tomboy Casual

Tomboy Casual
Summer’s hit us here in Vancity a lot earlier than expected this year. Soaring tempratures & cloudless skies means its time to shorten those hemlines, ditch the sweaters and dive straight into summer.

I just got back from shopping today and picked up a nice pair of distressed boyfriend shorts for myself from Old Navy, budget-Barbie style. Since I have no boyfriend to steal perfectly slouchy and ripped shorts from, these will have to suffice. Given, it’s not AS slouchy as I envisioned it to be, but given my lack of height, a slouchy pair would probably drown me.

Admittedly, I wasn’t looking to buy shorts like these at all. I was walking past Nordstroms when this lady walked past me and boy, was she cool. She had on a super oversized grey crewneck sweater, with the PERFECTLY slouchy pair of boyfriend shorts with tattoos running down her leg. I can’t have tattoos for fear of my parents disowning me, but after seeing her, it sparked a frenzy to look for the perfect pair of boyfriend shorts.

I expect to be in slight variations of the outfit above simply because it screams casual and yet it maintains a respectable level of simplicity and polish. The distressed boyfriend shorts are paired with a masculine oversized white tee  for that lived-in, I-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend’s-closet vibe. The understated metal watch and minimalist jewelry adds a touch of juxtaposition and balances out the entire look. Lastly, the crisp sneakers and slouchy shoulder bag are kept in muted tones to pull the entire look together. Paired with a messy topknot and vampy berry lips, it’s the perfect outfit for all things casual.
You’re welcome.
Keep it simple, 


Falling for Coats

It’s fall. Temperatures are dropping and this can only mean that it’s time to stockpile coats!!

I’m a boring dresser and serial outfit-repeater. For me, stockpiling coats consists of me buying the same style of coats, in varying boring colours and textures. I’m a granny coat person; my parents are understandably disturbed by how I seem to have a penchant for woolly, oversized grey coats reminiscent of the coats my grandma used to wear.

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Canadian Minimalism

Snugly positioned next to the States, it’s understandably difficult for humble ol’ Canada to stand out with its fashion. USA has numerous fashion states (think New York, L.A. and Texas). Canada has Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal but even so, these countries don’t exactly come to mind when the term “fashion city” comes up.

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