Falling for Coats

It’s fall. Temperatures are dropping and this can only mean that it’s time to stockpile coats!!

I’m a boring dresser and serial outfit-repeater. For me, stockpiling coats consists of me buying the same style of coats, in varying boring colours and textures. I’m a granny coat person; my parents are understandably disturbed by how I seem to have a penchant for woolly, oversized grey coats reminiscent of the coats my grandma used to wear.

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What do we say to the God of Shopping? NOT TODAY.

Forgive the GoT reference in the title, I’ve been trying to get myself interested in it just to see what the fuss is all about. Somehow, there’s too many houses and too many names for me to keep track, so I’m just watching out for key points. DRAGON! FIGHTING! REEK! LANNISTER! WOLVES! That’s the extent of my knowledge, I’m ashamed to admit. Obvs not the birghtest crayon in the box over here.

I digress. Question for you: Can you fathom  the agony and heartbreak when the items you’ve been coveting since the age of time finally go on like 50% OFF SALES AND YOU HAVE INSUFFICIENT MOOLAH????? I’ve never been attached but I do think I know what heartbreak feels like, online window shopping has given me plenty of that.

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Dude Dress

With summer hitting me right smack in the face in the form of sweaty necks, stifling heats, greasy faces and general annoyance, I’m increasingly reluctant to pull on jeans when I go for class. For the love of god, it sticks okay IT STICKS. Yet, shorts feel like I’m disrespecting my professor and skirts are just flouncy and girly and just not my cuppa tea. The solution? Dresses.

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Food or Clothes: The Eternal Struggle

My outfit inspiration is plateau-ing off and to be honest, it’s distressing. In my defense, summer school has such a fast and heavy curriculum it’s actually a wonder I’m not going to class without my lipstick or wearing my exam-jam-outfit-lethal-combo of my favourite oversized grey Gap sweater with baggy boyfriend jeans and my trusty Stan Smiths. I still do, but i have to neaten and structure it up because the Asian kids on campus are so well dressed they put me to shame. Think platform heels, skirts, blow-out hair, luxury tote carried in the nook of the arm (as one does obviously…) and perfectly porcelain made up faces.

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Big City Move

Had a pretty crazy past few weeks making the big move from small-town Kelowna to big-city Vancouver.  Twas a haywire rush of getting cards set up, buying things for the house, buying food, getting ready for school and then actually having school.

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