Money Musings

6AM – Stumble out of bed and rush out of the house, conveniently forgetting my breakfast apple. Sigh, will buy breakfast at the office then

8AM – reach work and make myself a giant brew of English Breakfast tea. Settle in to reply a flood of emails that have landed in my inbox overnight.

10AM – finally look up from my computer and realise it’s way past breakfast, especially since I don’t eat lunch when I’m at work. Ah well, I’m meeting friends for dinner and drinks tonight so that’s something to look forward too! They’re my executive team from my club back in Vancouver and I haven’t had the chance to really get to know them yet, especially some of the newer members.

1PM –  pop downstairs to The Body Shop to get that new multi-purpose balm they’ve been advertising (I work above a shopping mall). It smells heavenly!!! $16

3PM – get really peckish and to make it worse, my stomach is making atrocious sounds. Pop downstairs to get a sparkling mango juice and some roasted almonds from Starbucks. $11

4PM – Get bored and start browsing Nordstrom Canada. Stumble upon the Stella McCartney Shaggy Deer Mini Tote and wonder if its worth spending $1200 on it. On one hand, it’s always been a bag that’s caught my eye but it’s not gotten to the point where I KEEP thinking about it. Hmmmm, I’ll think about it.

5PM –  get really antsy at work because I get to end work soon! I’m ending my internship tomorrow so this week has been slow days all round. Brief the new manager on stuff she has to take over from me when I leave. She invites me to lunch tomorrow as a farewell and gets the whole team to come along. Fun!

6PM –  dash out of work to meet my boyfriend (who’s the club president) and the rest of my team. Wonder if it’s cool to hug him because he’s my boyfriend but also the prez, y’know? We walk to look for this coffee place he used to work at.

6.30PM –  Boyfriend gets his mocha and we meet the rest of the team. We eat a super chill dinner of local Singaporean food before heading up to the bar upstairs which supposedly has good deals during happy hour. $8

7PM – get a ton of good drinks and 1-for-1 beer deals. Most of the team doesn’t really drink and left so it’s just me and three others who get beers. It feels good, especially since I haven’t drank in a long time. $13

11PM –  finally get home and knock out because I STILL HAVE ONE DAY OF WORK TOMORROW.




Falling for Coats

It’s fall. Temperatures are dropping and this can only mean that it’s time to stockpile coats!!

I’m a boring dresser and serial outfit-repeater. For me, stockpiling coats consists of me buying the same style of coats, in varying boring colours and textures. I’m a granny coat person; my parents are understandably disturbed by how I seem to have a penchant for woolly, oversized grey coats reminiscent of the coats my grandma used to wear.

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Canadian Minimalism

Snugly positioned next to the States, it’s understandably difficult for humble ol’ Canada to stand out with its fashion. USA has numerous fashion states (think New York, L.A. and Texas). Canada has Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal but even so, these countries don’t exactly come to mind when the term “fashion city” comes up.

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Mandal Monday

Mandals. MAN-DALS. MAN SANDALS. Whatever you call them, these babies are the wunderkind of the shoe industry in my humble and comfort-oriented opinion. They’re comfortable, versatile and pretty. Okay, it might not be pretty to everyone but it’s a subjective opinion and I think it’s pretty so that’s that I guess.

I was delighted enough when normcore and atheleisure blasted onto the scene, guns ablazing. Imagine my ecstasy when Birkenstocks and ugly shoes were trendy again.

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