Tomboy Casual

Tomboy Casual
Summer’s hit us here in Vancity a lot earlier than expected this year. Soaring tempratures & cloudless skies means its time to shorten those hemlines, ditch the sweaters and dive straight into summer.

I just got back from shopping today and picked up a nice pair of distressed boyfriend shorts for myself from Old Navy, budget-Barbie style. Since I have no boyfriend to steal perfectly slouchy and ripped shorts from, these will have to suffice. Given, it’s not AS slouchy as I envisioned it to be, but given my lack of height, a slouchy pair would probably drown me.

Admittedly, I wasn’t looking to buy shorts like these at all. I was walking past Nordstroms when this lady walked past me and boy, was she cool. She had on a super oversized grey crewneck sweater, with the PERFECTLY slouchy pair of boyfriend shorts with tattoos running down her leg. I can’t have tattoos for fear of my parents disowning me, but after seeing her, it sparked a frenzy to look for the perfect pair of boyfriend shorts.

I expect to be in slight variations of the outfit above simply because it screams casual and yet it maintains a respectable level of simplicity and polish. The distressed boyfriend shorts are paired with a masculine oversized white tee  for that lived-in, I-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend’s-closet vibe. The understated metal watch and minimalist jewelry adds a touch of juxtaposition and balances out the entire look. Lastly, the crisp sneakers and slouchy shoulder bag are kept in muted tones to pull the entire look together. Paired with a messy topknot and vampy berry lips, it’s the perfect outfit for all things casual.
You’re welcome.
Keep it simple, 



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