Every girl’s dream of a fairytale wedding

I’m unabashedly proud of the fact that I’ve planned my wedding since I was a child and I’m sure many other girls have done the same. A typical Chinese wedding (at least in Singapore) has a traditional tea ceremony in the day followed by a large sit down Chinese dinner in the evening. Some also have a church wedding. This seems exhausting, but it means there’s more dresses we can wear, especially since it’s common for the bride to have a few gown changes during the dinner.

When I was really young, I dreamed of having a traditional Vera Wang wedding gown, a Valentino red dress for the tea ceremony and for the dinner, I knew I definitely wanted a cobalt blue gown( because even then, I knew that tone flatters all skin tones hehe). Somehow down the line, the idea that Vera Wang gowns were too flouncy and ladylike became embedded in my head. Ladylike doesn’t bode too well for me. If there was a boyfriend jean equivalent of a wedding gown, I’d wear that for sure.

Sadly, there isn’t so I have to settle for gowns that have a bit of spunk to it. Having recently joined Polyvore, I’m able to look at a TON of beautiful gowns and I just wanted to share that. I think I have a certain style of gowns that I flutter to but somehow they all seem to be the exact kinds that my body type should steer clear from. Take a peek:


For the tea ceremony:



Classic white dresses

I want my classic, main wedding dress to either be grey or a more casual white shape. I’ve never been one for stuffy, prim events and so I want my wedding dress to be a bit more casual.

ELIE SAAB Degrade Shirt AED3,525

Degrade Shirt


Elie Saab Degrade SKirt AED6,925

   Elie Saab
Degrade SKirt

I love the above because of its immense wearability. Pieced together, it’s sufficiently casual without being too sloppy for a bride. I also love the gradient effect, it looks like millions of stars were plucked from the sky to make my outfit or that my outfit is made up of crushed gems. It’s decadent without being flashy or tacky; tastefully classy. After the wedding, each piece could be worn separately. The top? Pair it with skinny jeans or a pair of classic trousers and minimal accessories; the top is a statement piece by itself. The skirt? Pair it with a classic tank or Black tee for a more formal dinner or brunch.Either way, each piece works beautifully apart and yet works cohesively together to create a beautiful structure and flow; the whole outfit is technically made up of sparkles but its muted tone makes it extremely modest and classic. LOVE IT.

Zuhair Murad is a Lebanese designer that makes the most tastefully embellished gowns that look like you’ve showered in jewels and stars. Of course his pieces are pricey, but if you can afford it, why not choose this as your bridal gown choice? Just looking at his pieces make me so happy!!


Evening dinner gowns

Just a small selection of gowns that I’d like to have, assuming I have an endless stream of wealth. I’m especially taken with Zuhair Murad’s constellation and star-themed collection of FW15. He used deep midnight blues and contrasted those with jeweled constellation and star prints that exude an ethereal air to the gown and make the wearer look like the princess of the galaxy. #everygirlsdream

That’s not all, check out my Polyvore here and my Pinterest board specially dedicated to formal wear and gowns here. As usual(tbh, it’s become a kind of ritual for me to write it at this point), drop me a comment and tell me what you think!


Until then, Denise

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