Man rings are a thing okay?

I’m among the first to admit that I’ve never had a very favourable impression of Versace. When the name came up, fleeting images of flashy gold chains , overly printed bomber jackets and complicated patterns. Admittedly, most of these impressions were shallow and based mostly on the Versace for H&M collection, which I maintain was not one of the crowning moments of either brand.

Yesterday, however, it all changed.

I was on the Outnet (click here if you don’t know what it is and prepare to open your bank accounts to let all that cash flow out LUL) and I went to my usual accessories section to drool over baubles and chains. For some reason, Versace jewelry kept fluttering in front of my eyes and as soon as I saw this, I was hooked. Captivated. Doomed to open my wallet to it. Take a look:

VERSACE Silver-tone crystal ring $135(Approx. CAD $166) Original price $300 55% off

Silver-tone crystal ring
$135(Approx. CAD $166)
Original price $300 55% off

I’m usually an avid fan of simple, minimal and understated jewelry. Think dainty, skinny rings with pearls or dainty jewels; nothing flashy or loud. I recognise the power of a statement ring , but even mine were the wallflowers of statement rings.  Somehow, looking at this Versace ring sparked something in me and sent me into a frenzy. I could suddenly picture a million different ways of pairing this gem. Even better though: IT COULD BE MY EVERYDAY RING. IT COULD BE THE RING I WOULD NEVER TAKE OFF AND PEOPLE WOULD RECOGNISE ME FOR IT. Given, I already have a gold ring that I wear everyday without taking off and at the rate this “everyday ring” hunt is going, I’ll be wearing rings on all ten fingers everyday for the rest of my life. I digress. Anyhow, I went to the Versace website and stumbled upon a whole treasure chest of signet-like rings that Versace released. Take a look.

The wear-it-all-day-every-day rings:

$295 Also available in: Black

Also available in: Black



$225 Also available in: Black Red

Also available in:

The single band is literally perfection in a ring. Beautifully encrusted, thick enough to add a sparkle, yet thin enough to be stackable with other rings (or in my case, my other “everyday rings”).  The Icon Medusa Ring might be a bit too much as an everyday ring for all the minimalists out there. HOWEVER, the description does describe it as “an everyday ring with this “Icon Medusa” one that has what it takes to feel polished and chic”. An everyday ring. If Donatella Versace says its an everyday ring, then it’s an everyday ring. No argument there.

Personally, I would wear it as an everyday ring; taking into account how my everyday outfits are unoriginal rotations of black, white,grey, denim and simple gold and silver jewelry, this Medusa ring isn’t such a clash. Also, Medusa. The epitome of dangerously sexy and beautiful. If wearing a ring with her face on it, adorned with jewels doesn’t boost your confidence, then I don’t know what does.

I’m envisioning myself walking through campus with that badass ring glistening in the Vancouver sun (or whatever’s left of the Vancouver sun). People walking by would see me, all casual and normcore with my basic tee, slouchy-as-hell boyfriend jeans and boucle coat. Suddenly, something glistens in the sun and catches their eyes. It’s my cool Medusa ring. At that moment, they’d probably by all “DAYUMM, THAT’S A FINE RING YOU GOT THERE”.

Apologies, I got a bit too carried away in my dreams over there. You get the drift. THAT RING IS COOL.

Moving on to the statement rings:







Among the statement rings, I’m especially smitten with (no surprise), the Baroque Medusa ring on the top.  The reason though, is far more practical. In contrast to the other two, which are far more reminiscent of the signet rings that royalty used to have and feature a very flat, albeit bulky front, the Medusa ring gently curves such that it envelops your finger nicely. I’ve had a few rings which were so bulky my fingers were literally separated and it was painfully uncomfortable. It doesn’t hurt that the baroque embellishments around Medusa are so beautiful, adding a touch of intricacy to an otherwise plain looking ring.

Hooked and looking to browse more? Take a look here and here.

Also, check out my Pinterest for for a curated selection of goodies and outfit inspirations! Link in the sidebar; if not click here.

So there you have it. A lengthy post on the merits of Versace; I’ve seen the error of my ways.


As usual, post a comment, drop me an email, let me know what you think and most importantly, LET ME KNOW IF YOU BOUGHT ANYTHING

Till next time,


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