Dude Dress

With summer hitting me right smack in the face in the form of sweaty necks, stifling heats, greasy faces and general annoyance, I’m increasingly reluctant to pull on jeans when I go for class. For the love of god, it sticks okay IT STICKS. Yet, shorts feel like I’m disrespecting my professor and skirts are just flouncy and girly and just not my cuppa tea. The solution? Dresses.

Before anyone points an accusatory finger at me for being a big fat hypocrite, I NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF. Dresses, in my book of vocabulary, is not:

1. Flouncy

2. Flowery

3. In a feminine colour



6. Short

hmprod (4)

Therefore, something like this? STRIKE OUT.

This narrows down the selection an awful lot but yes, the only dresses I wear are black/grey/navy t-shirt style dresses. Don’t try to get me into a bodycon of any sorts, my entire being will literally reject the cloth.

What I am though, is increasingly smitten with the idea of getting gigantic oversized tees and altering them to be comfy t-shirt dresses. Lots of people probably do this, but I must admit I felt a small tinge of pride when I felt I was the pioneer of this idea!!! I mean, get a gigantic oversized tee, pin and sew the folded sleeves and shorten the hemline and you’ve got a dress. So I shimmied myself into H and M at Pacific Centre this morning for a quick spot of shopping but also to escape from the sweltering heat. Spotted some pretty amazing things that would do nicely for this project:



Apologies if you’re more a garden party dress kind of girl,but don’t you think this would look pretty awesome as dresses????? If you want basic and no frills you got it. Looking for a simple black dress with a twist? How does side zips or an asymmetric hemline sound? Lastly, not a fan of black for fear of looking too stiff? Fine, try an ash-grey version then. The best part is that these t-shirts are so much cheaper than a dress would usually cost and if you’re not in a dress mood you can tuck em’ into some cutoffs. SCORE. The only fear here is that if you get a size TOO big or hem it wrongly, you end up with a nightgown-hospital gown- sloppy outfit concoction which is definitely not anyone’s goal I’m sure. I do suppose to offset the sloppiness of this dress/tee, I’d just pair it with a metal watch, some basic gold or/and silver chain bracelets and sneakers for a more paired-down, masculine and sporty vibe. Picked up some simple gold and silver chains at H and M the other day that I’ve since been wearing basically everyday:


That’s my current rotation of jewelry, they’ve been stuck to my wrist in different combinations. I’ve tried to diversify but something brings me back to these babies. Don’t the silver and gold chains looks SO GOOD AND AMAZING WITH JUST ABOUT EVERY OUTFIT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD????

I was awfully tempted to pick up a few of these (especially the zipped one and the grey one) but abstained for fear of an overloaded luggage back home. I don’t know if ANA will be so gracious to allow my baggage to exceed slightly, but I know for sure Air Canada won’t. Flying my whole life with Singapore Airlines has spoiled me; I immediately assume all airlines will be nice enough to close one eye on marginally overweight baggage because HELLO I PAID LIKE $2000 FOR A TICKET CAN I AT LEAST BRING 1KG MORE ON BOARD PLEASE:( I digress. I will cross my fingers all 17 hours on the plane home to pray and hope that the H and M in Singapore stocks all these (while also praying for my safety on board the plane obvs).

If anyone sees this and thinks its a good idea pleaseeee take a picture and show it to me; that way I get to live vicariously though the lives of others who are wearing awesome comfy dresses for summer.


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