Food or Clothes: The Eternal Struggle

My outfit inspiration is plateau-ing off and to be honest, it’s distressing. In my defense, summer school has such a fast and heavy curriculum it’s actually a wonder I’m not going to class without my lipstick or wearing my exam-jam-outfit-lethal-combo of my favourite oversized grey Gap sweater with baggy boyfriend jeans and my trusty Stan Smiths. I still do, but i have to neaten and structure it up because the Asian kids on campus are so well dressed they put me to shame. Think platform heels, skirts, blow-out hair, luxury tote carried in the nook of the arm (as one does obviously…) and perfectly porcelain made up faces.

I’m never going to be that girl because:

1. My school books don’t fit into my Pashli and even if it did, NO WAY AM I LETTING MY ONE BRANDED BAG BE STUFFED AND SAGGY WITH BOOKS.

2. I cannot wear skirts because 3 hours of lectures unconsciously causes me to sit like a gangster; think open legged and slouchy. Not skirt-appropriate.

3. How much earlier would I need to wake up to do a full face of makeup? Also, there’s too much pressure to make sure that your eyeliner doesn’t run downwards, lipstick doesn’t get in your teeth blah blah. Less makeup, less to worry about.

Still, I’m trying to embrace the idea of lived-in casual dressing that is school appropriate. Although there’s really no distinction for me between school outfits and going-out outfits. The latter is simply a recreation of the former, with a sleeker bag and more jewels thrown in. #lowmaintanence


Trawled through a great deal of websites and scouted out real beauties to lust after. Take a look:








On a sidenote, I took a trip to Robson St. a few days ago and picked up these goodies from my baby ZARA:

The tee is the softest ever, sufficiently baggy without coming off sloppy; in a neutral colour with a twist of quirkiness to it. Paired it with high waisted mom jeans, croc loafers and a chain crossbody.

As for the knit dress, it was 39.90 CAD but so worth the money I’m willing to eat less to recoup my losses. I’m not as figure-worthy as the model but that tee dress hangs loosely off the shoulders, giving a shapeless fit whilst the dress hits just mid thigh to neaten up the structure. I don’t like things that hug whatever curves I have because it means I can’t eat buffets, I have to tuck in my tummy when I walk. Uncomfortable clothes just to look good? Uh, no thanks Ill pass.

Leave comments in the box below and tell me if there’s any pieces you love and what have you been eyeing these days; I’d love to hear from you!


D-38 days before I get to fly back to the motherland!!!




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