Big City Move

Had a pretty crazy past few weeks making the big move from small-town Kelowna to big-city Vancouver.  Twas a haywire rush of getting cards set up, buying things for the house, buying food, getting ready for school and then actually having school.

Settled in pretty easy to my room, my housemate had her dog over for a few days which was a delight considering how much I love dogs. By the time she warmed up to me, it was time for her to go which was a real bummer.

Scottish Terriers are real sweethearts; she wasn’t jumpy or shouty at all, which was lovely. BYE COCO I WILL MISS YOU.

So since school started, it’s been a proper mess of getting work done, exploring my gigantic school, finding yummy things to eat and going to 3 hour long classes. Summer school scared the bejeezus out of me because it came as a tidal wave of shock and smacked me right in the face. Squashing 4 months of school into 1 month is seriously no joke; I feel like I’ve become an assignment-churning machine. Just the thought of finishing two research essays in 1 month is enough to push me into the depths of my comforter to shy away from reality. That being said, I’m still enjoying myself. The weather is half beautiful, save for the gloomy days that Vancouver is infamous for. My classes are brilliant too, especially my literature class. Being able to study beautiful texts and peeling away each layer of meaning makes me really happy and excited; I actually get really excited to do my readings (geek alert). Mostly though, what gets me through the toughness is the constant self-reminder that I’m lucky to be able to transfer campuses and I’ve got to make my 4 years here count before I go back to Singapore because after graduation, I am sure as hell not flying 17 hours every year to come back.

Having literally no friends here has really forced me to do things alone now. Eat alone, shop alone. I’m still uncomfy with the idea but  for the sake of good food and nice clothes, I’ll do it. Went downtown yesterday to take a Chinese test. Woke up at a god forsaken hour to catch a 0730 bus downtown. After the test, I took a quick (read: 2.5 hour) pop into my favourite stores.

Zara’s really into the full spring vibe now. Think ripped, slouchy denim, loose dresses, nautical stripes reminiscent of the sea, peasant blouses and embroidered white dresses.

Did see a real gem of a piece, a black bomber jacket made of the silkiest material and in my favourite clothing shade: black. Did toy with the idea to buying it but the nagging fear that my luggage home will be overweight is enough to send me far away from this jacket.

Beauty in its natural habitat

Beauty in its natural habitat

What follows next is a visual vomit of food, clothing and things I’ve recently discovered that I love:

Not going to make this even longer than it needs to be; more updates about Dee In Van soon!

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