Spring Fling in Full Swing

Heads up: I’m still figuring out WordPress so if you want the link for the items in the pictures, click on it, then click comment. The link should appear then. Apologies!


Officially 25 hours since the end of my last paper and I’m finally able to settle down and relax. Ended my politics paper at 9pm and I’ve been non-stop packing and unpacking. Woke up nice and early at 0700 to move my whole life out of my beautiful, new and convenient dorm room up the treacherous hill to a smoke-y smelling and dingy temporary dorm room. Thankfully it’s only home for five days before I move to Vancouver for summer school (and hopefully forever)!

With 24 x 5 hours to kill, I can officially watch Friends, Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Suits while reading my books and magazines, Tumblr-ing and trawling through online retail outlets ^¬^.  I’ve also spent countless hours fussing over my hair because its a nice length, the colour is coming out nicely and I haven’t been doing anything different with it BUT IT IS SO SOFT I KEEP TOUCHING IT. I can’t describe it in words but I’ve never been happier with my hair. [self-praise]

Still not quite over my sweater mood; I shamefully but obstinately insist on donning oversized cardigans and sweaters over my shorts despite the sweltering sun and heat. Kelowna’s weather is playing tricks with me. It’s hot and sunny but with painfully strong winds that blow you to the side while walking, mess up your hair and chills your rib cage. BUT I LOVE IT.

My eye for shopping has been all over the place. I’m eyeing the ZARA Kids coral jumpsuit and I’m itching to go down to the store in the vain hope that I can actually fit into one of those. Its perfect; with sleeves, loose leg area, pretty colour, goes with everything, no plunging neckline. On the other side of the spectrum, that ZARA Man shopper’s tote is looking mighty yummy as well (although let’s be honest, the Asian male ZARA model is looking mighty fine as well). Black, sporty, structured.Only thing the price scares me a teeny bit. Looking ahead for autumn and winter in Vancouver, I’m really looking for a sweater dress like the one from 3.3 Field Trip and a slouchy cardigan. It’s a perfect layering piece what with its slits and v-cut neckline. I’d wear it everyday with another sweater under, skinny jeans or leggings and top it off with a structured coat or parka. The cardigan is absolutely breathtaking and versatile.Wear it in autumn or spring over a thin white tee and shorts/skirt or pair it with a dress for an effortless look. Come winter, use it as a layering piece with a sweater under and a thicker coat over with boyfriend jeans and delicate jewelry.





Been eyeing a pretty leather Longchamp for my next acquisition. I’ve never been a big fan of the nylon version and I’m not about to jump ship now.  Even though I’ll probably be drooling over it a pretty few months from now, I have time to really think about what colour I want it in. With bags at a cheaper price point, I usually buy it on instinct. Neutral or brightly coloured: who cares? Its $20 and if I mess up, there’s always next time. Any bag above $150 rings MAJOR bells and throws me into an endless cycle of decision making.

With the Longchamp, I’ve really tailored it down to three colours: black, red or yellow. Black because well, it matches a black outfit but also matches a colourful outfit so no-brainer there. Red and yellow are the “statement bag” option. Red because it’s my go-to statement bag colour and yellow because it’s just refreshing to look at. Just thinking of the prospects of the amount of travelling I’ll be doing over the next few years instinctively forces me to plan airplane outfits around the bag.

Is it useful as a carry-on?

Can I bring it without looking sloppy?

Can I fit my skincare, toothbrush, book, laptop, phone, ipod, makeup, passport, important documents, wallet and more into the bag without it losing shape?

Does it have enough compartments for me to do my OCD thing of grouping everything into different pouches?

Is it casual enough for me to bring it to school yet dressy enough for me to bring out on weekends?



In other news, Koshka is having a sale and I found some amazing stuff perfect for spring! Take a look:

Oversized outerwear for light layering over shorts, tea dresses, jeans; it just adds a touch of structure to an otherwise breezy spring ensemble. As for the silver boots well, they’re not really spring-appropriate but it’s on sale… which makes it something squeezes the creative juices out of you after you buy it and attempt to find a way to create a cohesive spring wardrobe with it. I mean spring and summer brings to mind sandals and pretty pumps, but when a beauty like that is 50% off, YOU FIND A WAY TO FORCE IT INTO A SUMMER WARDROBE OKAY.

What are YOU eyeing? Leave your comments in the box below!


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