I’m sorry, my brain’s not in. Please come back later.

37eb867cdefe1df3ce5ad7f11ffc0462   Just yesterday, my brain decided it couldn’t deal with any more nuggets of information about classical liberalism and whatnot so it decided to crash on me. Just as well, headed for a trip downtown with the girls to have a good ol’ western style dinner by the Okanagan Lake.  We were lucky enough to grab a window seat, where we could see the sun setting over the Okanagan Lake. Lady Luck was showering me with love yesterday. My hidden double eyelid finally decided to come out from hiding and show itself in all its splendour. That, coupled with the fact that I haven’t had the chance to dabble with makeup led me to experiment with eye makeup. If you didn’t already know, I am one of the biggest anti-fans of eye makeup. I love how it looks on other people but I have a bad tendency to rub my eyes/sweat it off/simply too lazy. Nevertheless, I attempted a look so subtle no one would be able to tell even if i rubbed some of it off. IMG_2384

Pretty natural yes? Here’s what I did:

A spritz of Estee Lauder’s Beautiful and DONE!

Black romper- KissJane Singapore Oversized Denim Jacket- MANGO Red Crossbody-OLD NAVY

Black romper- KissJane Singapore
Oversized Denim Jacket- MANGO
Red Crossbody-OLD NAVY Men’s Watch- Skagen Rings- COS and hand-me-downs

Chose a slightly more formal romper since we were going to a grill and bar but since its still a pretty low key event with a more relaxed dress code, I topped it off with an oversized denim jacket from MANGO and for a pop of colour, my trusty Old Navy crossbody. Not pictured are my crazy comfortable loafers from Staccato. Also managed to get a multipack of gorgeous rings at a steal. The midi rings are perfect as they are but also as pinky rings! Check it out: The food was amazing, the view was great, the company was exceptional. Couldn’t have asked for a better form of relaxation to gear me up for the rest of my papers. Here are the rest of the shots from the night:

Had an amazing Sunday; no better way to bathe in the splendour of Spring then with a good meal at the waterfront. It was also a wonderful way for me to be a 缩头乌龟 and escape the reality of my politics paper for a few precious hours.

Back to the grind for me. 经一番挫折,长一番见识.

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