Sartorial Musings of a Tired-Out Freshman

Just some of my outfits this past week. Not the most creative one of the pack; as you can tell. My wardrobe is mainly black, white and grey and I LOVE IT. I bought my first two-piece but wasn’t daring enough to wear it alone, so I chickened out and bought a ginormous XL-sized rash guard to wear over. My mid-section has been bleached by winter and it’s not ready for public exhibition yet.

Another milestone in my sartorial journey: I wore leggings and slippers in public. A moment of silence for my lost reputation; in my defense, they were compression sports leggings and I took extra care not to show off anything unsightly. I also paired it with a butt covering sweater to minimise malfunctions. As for the slippers, well, I really have no good excuse for that. I just got tired and gave myself a sloppy excuse to wear it down to the cafeteria to buy lunch back. I vow to never (read: sometimes) wear it in public.

The spring sun these days has brought out the Asian in me. In my last minute attempt to prevent tanning, I’ve been slathering on extra layers of my trusty dermatologist-approved sunblock and worn my snapback out to prevent those killer sun rays from hitting my freckles. Freckles may be in right now but I’m not exactly eager to get age spots when I get old, no thank you very much. One downside though, the snapback gives me hat hair. Not desirable at all.


A few outfits I’ve been eager to try out:

1. The (sort-of) Canadian tuxedo. I mean, I AM in Canada after all, I should try this whilst I’m here. Although oddly, I haven’t seen many people wear this. Did I come to Canada too late? I’d like to think I was rocking that double denim look in Singapore…


2. A printed t-shirt dress to wear to school. I’ve been meaning to start incorporating more dresses into my outfits; I am a girl after all. I’m still not cool with frilly, girly dresses accessorized with pretty hairbands and things. So I guess getting a dress that’s pretty masculine in that sense would work. Rue of thumb: if I can wear it with sneakers or a denim slouchy jacket or a black hoodie, then I can buy it. Sadly, I haven’t found many. PRESS ON.


H and M  Long shirt $39.95

H and M
Long shirt

3 and 4. Ahhh, my classic, signature everyday school look. Plain tee, baggy boyfriend jeans (despite the apparent lack of boyfriend), a over sized outerwear and off I shoot to class. There’s something oddly comforting about that outfit. Pair it with a pop of lip colour and it strikes a delicate balance between masculinity and femininity. It’s the perfect outfit for me; I like to dress boyishly yet I still want to be seen as a girl.

IMG_8318  IMG_8327


Spring wishlist.

A good pair of everyday sneakers, a long slouchy cardigan to get through long days, a versatile ring, and a slick black tote that goes with everything.



Obviously, this post has been a mish-mash of sorts. I apologise deeply.

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