Vêtements et chaussures à acheter

J’aime acheter des vêtements. J’achète beaucoup des vêtements. Est-ce que j’ai parle bien?

God, I’ve been studying French for a while now but I spent an embarrassingly long time constructing that sentence. Shame on me.

Confession: In my spare time, I like to trawl through endless websites in search of new things to lust over. There’s nothing like a $5000 SC Bag PM to kick start those penny-saving instincts. Truth be told, after seeing such a lovely bag, I usually start saving and hoarding money like a squirrel hoards peanuts. The disappoint part comes after I’ve saved that up; I usually then realise that I’m not interested in that style of bag anymore. Cheers to me, I’ve just saved $5000. Beautiful stuff, I say.

Obsessed with the Philip Lim Wednesday Boston satchel (!!!), it’s perfect for everything!! Of course I say this with much zeal and enthusiasm now but whenever I’m obsessed with something, it seems to go with everything. I could literally stare at these all day and not get bored, thinking up countless outfit combinations to pair them with; trousers, skirts, shorts, dresses… endless possibilities await me if I can finally choke up $5000.



Now that my Stan Smiths are dying on me (I kid you not: when it rains now,  the inside of my shoe turns into a swimming pool), I’m on the lookout for new kicks right now.  The Air Max Thea’s are pure white and I feel like they’d just get dirty in two minutes. Also, I love how the Golden Goose sneakers come perfectly worn in so I don’t feel bad at the slightest scuff; it comes looking like a herd stepped on my feet! Excellent!!! Also also, the Maison Margiela’s. Good grief it’s heaven sent. Paint spattered for that aura of arty-fartiness when wearing it whilst providing that pop of colour to an otherwise black and white outfit. I mean honestly, the only outfit that would do justice to that would be a minimal outfit that keeps the clothes in the background and lets the kicks shine and dazzle.

In related news, I’ve finally worn out my pair of running shoes ( Nike Free Run 4.0, if anyone’s a wee bit curious) and am on the hunt for new shoes! I’m so proud to say I’ve run frequently enough to join the ranks of people who buy new running shoes because their old ones wore out. Me! Worn out running sneakers!! Me! I’ve always been the sort that bought running sneakers for their colour and how they would look with my favourite jeans but since I’m finishing up freshman year, I can safely say the Freshman 15 is a very real concern.

I digress; I’m on the lookout for new kicks, be they sneakers or running shoes! Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!


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