Cheap Thrills

Major pat on the back to me for finding amazing things to wear at cut-throat prices; my wallet wasn’t even bleeding, it was just whimpering a little (although seeing my absolute lack of cash at the end of the day killed a little part of me inside).

It was typical, end of the week trauma setting in. You know the drill: valiant attempts to “be productive” and incessant internal screams of “I want to eat Chinese food!!!”. I haven’t really seen ma crewettes this week, what with the onslaught of labs and papers and general slothfulness. I’ve eaten so many meals in my room that it smells like an burger shack right now (look of shame). Never one to pass up on a trip to our favourite (read: only) haunt, we took a trip to the mall. Popped into The Bay, where I laid my grubby, chubby hands on shamelessly overpriced jewelry that my bank account couldn’t afford.


I’ve been in bloodhound mode; sniffing out every shop in search for my triad leader/boy-style/ dowry-worthy gold chain bracelet. Given, I’ve had MAJOR inspiration from Denise Lai of Imagine how psyched I was when I read that she was born in Singapore and shared the same name as yours truly!!!! I stumbled upon her and instantly proclaimed her to be my style goddess. Honestly, she makes everything look slightly short of ethereal. I noticed she was constantly wearing her Cartier watch with a mad sick chunky chain bracelet that only dai gors in Hong Kong triad films wore. Another post dedicated to her in the near future.. Searched high and low and finally, stepped into the unlikeliest of places: Claire’s. The poster child for fluffy, princess-y jewelry adorned with rabbits, hamsters, puppies and the like. Not your go-to stop for triad leader jewelry. But wait, what’s this I see…. < cue pig-like squeals of excitement>

Thick silver chain bracelet- Claire's Geometric RIng- COS Necklace- Claire's Sapphire Ring- Mama Tong's Silver Band- Gift from grandma

Thick silver chain bracelet- Claire’s
Geometric Ring- COS
Necklace- Claire’s
Sapphire Ring- Mama Tong’s
Silver Band- Gift from Gramma Tong

Pearl Geometric Cuff- Katy Perry for Claire's

Pearl Geometric Cuff- Katy Perry for Claire’s

THAT’S RIGHT. I FOUND IT/THEM. Beautifully crafted hand pieces that was a dreamlike main course of masculinity and personality with a side serving of demure and delicate. It was  statement jewelry that could be a delicate everyday stack-able piece, depending on whichever way you styled it.

1. The pearl cuff was from the Katy Perry for Claire’s collection (bless your dear heart, Miss Katy Perry) that was on clearance for $2.25. The geometric flamboyance of the cuff’s structure was counteracted with the demureness of the pearl detailing. The thin lines of silver added a touch of femininity to the entire aesthetic. Worn alone with a mostly black outfit, it would bring out the brightness of the silver and exude an elegant, albeit strong vibe.  Worn with slouchy boyfriend jeans, a classic tee and sneakers, this wunderkind could be stacked with a metal timepiece and balanced on the other arm with multiple rings of different textures and styles for a true arm candy extravaganza. Score one for Team Dee.

2. The thick silver bracelet was also from Claire’s for $5. I was originally in search of separate chain bracelets, but failed to do so. Every chain bracelet I tried on didn’t fit right; it was too big ( Haughty snort of happiness that finally, my something is too small to fit :’) ). This dreamlike piece features a magnetic closure, so there’s no need to get all huffy and frustrated from fiddling with those lobster clasp bracelets. God knows my chubby hands can’t handle those clasps.

3. That skinny necklace; the perfect starter piece for me. I’ve long wanted to hop on the statement necklace bandwagon, but I could never keep one on for more than 15 minutes. It felt restrictive, and given my usual large and dramatised movements, the charms would promptly bump themselves to the back of my neck. Furthermore, I’ve always felt like something was strangling my neck. This baby over here is easily adjustable; shorten it up, it hangs at the collarbone level; let it down and it ends somewhere at the top of the rib cage ( more succinctly, it ends just below the boobs but I’ve refrained from saying that for fear of sounding uncouth. Oh well, too late.) It’s shiny enough to catch one’s eye, but not too shiny that it looks like I’m wearing aluminium foil on my chest. Given that black and dark plain tees are my go-to’s, this serves as a wonderful starting platform for my foray into the statement necklace world.

I’m not grossly opposed to expensive jewelry; I do think every girl should have a few timeless and delicate rings in real gold/silver/rose gold/ whatever to be an investment piece as well as a timeless bracelet. Investing in a few key pieces of jewelry is essential. On this note, I’d just like to point out how I, a nineteen year old singleton, is avidly obsessed with WEDDING BANDS?! They’re the perfect everyday ring piece! Simple design, with a touch of quirkiness if you prefer, in a classic material that won’t given ugly green stains! Now, if only I could find a way to get my hands on one of those without coming off like a total weirdo… but I digress.

While the lifelong search for these investment pieces goes on, a girl has to have cheaper jewelry to mix, match and have the option of accidentally losing right? That’s where these stores come in. Singapore doesn’t have Claire’s but we’ve got Diva and Accessorize (if you’re alright with a heftier price tag). These places sure do sell a lot of novelty jewelry, but they’ve also got pieces that make for good everyday jewelry. I’ve long gone past the era of buying novelty jewelry. I try, with “try” being the operative word here, to buy mainly silver or gold or rose gold looking pieces that can match with every outfit I wear. It’s a lot easier now that I have my regular outfit choices down to a T. I’m perpetually on the hunt for simple bracelets that can be stacked with other pieces, but look just as good on their own. No more cheesy motifs like the infinity (it was beautiful until it popped up everywhere), the butterflies, the heart shapes etc etc. I do feel like I’ve said enough; now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go shut up flying geese outside my window.

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