First Post Formalities

I suspect many budding bloggers felt the way I do now writing my first post: no one’s going to read it anyway so I’m just going to write whatever. IN a sense, that’s me. I had a blog when I was much younger and Blogger was the Tumblr of my heyday. It was pink and fluffy and filled with “cool” words like skool, and 4eva and gr8. As you can imagine , I look back on it fondly, but I do cringe a bit every time I read it. WHICH IS TRES COOL AND FINE. I do expect to stumble upon this blog when I’m in my 30s and scoff at my supposed fashion sense. Whatevs.

I’m starting this blog as an alternative to my Tumblr site. Many a time, a stroke of literary genius befalls me and my fingers are itching to type out my musings. Writing it on Tumblr is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that it messes with the overall aesthetic of my site. My Tumblr site is simple, clean, photo-dominated and chic (if I dare say so myself). Having a chunk of words spoils it all and thus I refrain from it.

Style to me is really subjective. Cliche, I admit. Style, to me, is great because I’m allowed to exude different personas according to my outfits. Do I want to go tomboy? Parisian chic? K-pop Idol style? It all differs. I also believe in the close-knit relationship between what your outfit and your makeup. Having a tomboy look with a sultry smokey eye and red lips seems a bit off to me. I’ve seen people that pull it off spectacularly though and kudos to them. My go-to sartorial uniform consists of the following: 3 pairs of as-boyfriend-as-boyfriend-gets baggy and slouchy jeans on constant rotation,a pair of black jeans, a pair of skinny jeans, a pile of monochromatic tees, slouchy sweaters and heaps of silver and gold jewelry. Pair that with sneakers and you’ve got a winning daily uniform. In terms of makeup, I am the first to profess my lack of expertise in that field. I love myself a bold lip, and that’s the look I strive towards daily. I insist on only using moisturiser, sunblock and a touch of highlighter for my face. No eyeshadow/mascara/brows. I then juxtapose that with a strong lip colour to pull my look together and make me look polished.

Just you ol' run of the mill dorm attire. Disclaimer: I do not step out of my door looking like this.

Just you ol’ run of the mill dorm attire. Disclaimer: I do not step out of my door looking like this.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Pinkie Ring- Perllini’s SIlver Gold Ring- Hand-me-down Cubic Ring- COS Watch- Vintage Bonia from Dad

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Jeans- Forever 21 Top- Zara Boucle Coat- Zara

Outfit for school today. Kept it really basic and simple ( as I always do).

Hopefully, this blog carries me through my university career and serves as my own personal style archive that I can one day look back on and laugh at.

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